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While embarking on teacher trainings is a crucial step in launching your aerial coaching career, the journey doesn't end there. As you transition into regular teaching, you may encounter questions and challenges along the way. That's where personalized, one-on-one support comes in—a guiding hand tailored to your unique needs, pacing, and evolving teaching style.

Even seasoned instructors benefit from ongoing mentorship. Whether you're exploring new teaching environments, seeking to revitalize class formats or content, or aiming to enhance your support for students' creative growth, accessibility, or diverse identities, Flying Fox Aerial Mentorship is here to elevate your practice.

Our mentorship program offers flexibility to suit your schedule and aspirations. Choose from three levels of engagement—ranging from one month to a full year—enabling you to tailor your involvement to align seamlessly with your life.

For students eager to pursue both performance and teaching paths, our mentorship programs can be seamlessly combined, offering a holistic approach to your aerial journey.

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