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Getting started on your Book Aerial Art’s journey..

This page will walk to you through the publishing process, providing you with the necessary road map and descriptions for creating successful promotions.

Submitting Listings

No matter what you are looking to share, the best place to start will be your own Instructor Profile. With this built, you then hold the ability to connect yourself to all your projects!

From there, you choose your own adventure! By creating pages for any of the following offerings, you will be able to associate one listing to another. The more information your audience can learn about you, the better!


The first place to start. This is your own artist profile! Go ahead and introduce yourself to new eyes.


Hosting an amazing retreat? Great! Share details, contacts, and booking information so your guests can sign up!

Teacher Trainings

Teacher Trainings - Online, in-person, or hybrid Teacher Trainings can be listed here. Any level, any apparatus, any time! Is your Teacher Training ongoing? Create an expiration date of 2 years from your publishing date, and be sure to click the button that will publicly share it’s a continuous offer.

Aerial Troupes

Add your crew! When other troupe members create their profile, they can be linked to this page to cross promote the magic you are making. Profile ownership can change hands by contacting Book Aerial Art’s admin department.

Aerial Studios

This is a tangible space students can come visit. If your studio also acts as a troupe you may add it in both categories. Similarly, if your studio is hosting any upcoming retreats, you may list it aas a Retreat Center as well. This will allow the proper information to be channeled to our audience.


Providing a mentorship to help elevate others? We love it! List it here. Also welcome is 1-1 coaching in any form.

Retreat Center

Do you own a retreat center? Share about your offerings here. Retreats can link to your profile to increase visibility. Does your Retreat Center double as a studio? Please use the Aerial Studio listing to create its own page.

Post Submission

Once any of the pages have been created, it will be sent to our administrative team to approve. This usually takes 1 - 2 business days, so please be patient with our staff!