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PJ Perry, hailing from Bellingham, Washington, is a seasoned corde lisse specialist with a soaring career spanning since 2008. Her repertoire includes captivating solo acts, dynamic duos, and mesmerizing group performances that have graced stages across the globe.

Immersed in the vibrant circus scene, PJ's artistry has been showcased in recurring local shows and prestigious events such as the Moisture Festival. She has embarked on exhilarating contracts with esteemed establishments like Circus Monti in Switzerland, Friedrichsbau Varieté in Germany, Venardos Circus in the United States, and Acrobatic Conundrum in Seattle.

PJ's talent has transcended borders, taking her to renowned festivals worldwide, from the Western Australia Circus Festival to the Russian Circus Princess Festival in Saratov and The Golden Horse Festival in Bulgaria. Currently, her focus lies on solo rope performances and synchronized duo acts with her partner, Eve Diamond, in their captivating project, Girls Gone Rope.

In addition to her performance endeavors, PJ remains deeply rooted in the Bellingham Circus Guild, where she not only dazzles audiences but also imparts her expertise as a dedicated instructor. Whether teaching local students or mentoring individuals worldwide through online coaching, PJ continues to inspire and elevate the circus community year-round.

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