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Welcome to the Born to Fly™ Aerial Teacher Certificate Program, featuring a series of comprehensive courses designed to equip aspiring instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the world of aerial fabric instruction. While the certificate is optional, all individuals who meet the prerequisites are encouraged to embark on this transformative journey with us.

Our Teaching Philosophy and Methods course lays the foundation for effective aerial instruction, recognizing that while aerial fabric is a popular choice for recreational programs, traditional approaches like starting with climbs may not always be the most accessible for early beginners. For those teaching novice students, we recommend (though it's not mandatory) beginning with our Aerial Sling 1 Teacher Training.

Successfully teaching aerial fabric demands a nuanced understanding of various elements, including skills, progressions, technique, spotting, accommodating diverse learning styles, and managing the classroom environment. We emphasize the importance of recognizing each student's readiness to progress and tailor instruction to suit their individual needs, fostering engagement and ensuring long-term success. Adopting a beginner's mindset allows instructors to continuously learn and evolve in their teaching practice.

Central to the Born to Fly™ methodology is the integration of fabric theory from the outset, presented through puzzles and creative challenges to nurture students' strength, intelligence, and artistry concurrently. We encourage students to spend ample time mastering each skill, fostering gradual strength development before advancing to higher levels. Through this approach, we aim to cultivate well-rounded aerialists who excel in both technique and expression.

Gain access to over 35 hours of online training, complemented by three live sessions held over Zoom, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized mentorship.

When to Begin:
Start whenever you're ready; this training is self-paced. Once initiated, you'll have access to the material for a duration of two years.

Watch the pre-recorded training videos at your own pace and schedule your 1-on-1 mentorship sessions at your convenience. Ensure that you schedule the live sessions within one year of purchase. Please be aware that our offices will be closed for mentorship hours during the months of June or July. We're excited to support you on your journey!

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