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This teacher training is going to be hosted at Nashville Aerial Arts through Aerial Physique.

To enroll in the Aerial Physique Level Two Teacher Certification program, candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

1. Possess a minimum of 3-4 years of experience in aerial silk practice.
2. Successfully complete the AP Level One Course.

The Level Two Teacher Training course will cover a comprehensive curriculum, including:

- Intermediate Level Aerial Silk techniques and skills.
- Risk assessment procedures.
- Sequencing and lesson planning strategies.
- Effective teaching methods tailored for intermediate-level students.
- Spotting techniques to ensure student safety.
- Theoretical concepts relevant to aerial silk instruction.

Upon completion of the course, candidates will need to fulfill the following requirements to obtain the Aerial Physique Level Two Teacher Certification:

1. Attend and successfully complete the Aerial Physique Level Two teacher training course.
2. Pass written, aerial skills, and teaching tests specific to Level Two.
3. Hold valid CPR and First Aid certifications (not included in the course but can be obtained online).

By meeting these criteria, instructors will demonstrate their proficiency in teaching intermediate-level aerial silk techniques and their commitment to ensuring a safe and effective learning environment for students.

We offer a tiered certification system spanning from Beginner Aerial Silks Instructor to Advanced levels. Upon successful completion of each curriculum level, instructors will receive certification from Aerial Physique.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

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