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Absolutely—prepare for a wild and marvelous ride! Since 2001, I've been globe-trotting as a professional aerialist and coach, relishing (almost) every moment of this exhilarating journey. From dazzling performances at esteemed venues like the Olympic Stadium in Greece, Casino Estoril in Portugal, and Las Vegas, to enchanting audiences at The House of Blues in New Orleans and Sea World's VIVA show, my career has been a whirlwind of excitement. I've had the privilege of touring with renowned companies such as Cirque Productions, Cirque le Masque, Circus Nexus, and many more. In 2002, I joined forces with Angela Attia to establish ImaginAerial, a celebrated cirque-style partnership.

When I first encountered circus, I was a complete novice—never even attempted a cartwheel! With spaghetti-like arms and minimal upper-body strength, a pull-up seemed like an insurmountable challenge. My teaching philosophy reflects this: circus is accessible to everyone, including you!

My husband, a lighting designer, and I crossed paths during my inaugural aerial gig in NYC. Fast forward to today, and we're proud parents to a teenage son who, despite our best efforts, remains uninterested in all things circus-related. The adventures continue unabated, and my passion for what I do knows no bounds. Witnessing my students' progress and seeing them go on to perform with esteemed companies like Cirque du Soleil fills me with immense pride. Whether pursuing circus professionally or purely for enjoyment, there's a place for everyone in the aerial realm. Join me, and let's soar together!

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