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The House of Honey Aerial Studio & Retreat Center is dedicated to upholding exceptional standards in aerial acrobatics. Offering year-round classes, performances, workshops, and retreats in aerial silks, our studio brings together renowned instructors from across the globe. We foster creativity and artistic growth, providing a welcoming and supportive environment where all aerialists can flourish. Our belief is that reaching for the sky not only ignites artistic expression but also cultivates peak physical fitness.

Join us for a transformative journey into the world of aerial arts. Whether you're aspiring towards a professional career or seeking a unique form of exercise, our engaging and effective classes and retreats are designed to stimulate the mind, challenge the body, and unlock your innate ability to soar. Explore new realms of motion and emotion as you discover yourself in a whole new light.

Discover the perfect aerial studio experience with us. Our diverse range of classes caters to various skill levels and interests, with new elements continually added to our offerings. Classes commence this fall—reach out to stay updated and embark on your aerial adventure with us!

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