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Gabriela Sissons is a world-renowned Aerial Silks artist whose talents extend beyond performance to teaching, judging, and organizing workshops and retreats worldwide.

With over 25 years of stage experience as a dancer, Gabriela's journey in the arts has been rich and diverse. She has been a part of numerous dance companies in South Africa and has graced countless stages with her mesmerizing performances. Known for her musically driven choreography and compelling stage presence, Gabriela brings a unique flair to her aerial silk performances.

As the founder and owner of Skydancer Academy in Cape Town, South Africa, Gabriela is dedicated to sharing her passion for aerial arts with students of all levels. She holds the distinction of being the first Xpert certified instructor on the African Continent, a testament to her expertise and dedication to her craft.

Gabriela's achievements in the competitive arena are equally impressive. She has represented South Africa in various championships across the globe, consistently placing in the top three and earning the title of World Champion in 2015 at the International PPS Aerial Championships in Hong Kong. Her recent triumph at the 2022 World Aerial Gymnastics Championships in Dubai further solidifies her status as a powerhouse in the aerial silk community.

In addition to her studio and competitive endeavors, Gabriela is the mastermind behind Skydancer Retreats, offering immersive workshops and retreats in countries spanning the globe. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and expertise has led her to teach in countries such as Russia, Italy, China, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, India, and Thailand.

Gabriela's impact on the aerial arts community extends beyond her performances and teaching. She has been selected as a judge for prestigious competitions worldwide, including Airstars in China, Thailand, and the APPA Championships in Russia. Most recently, she served as the Head Judge at the 2022 Arnold Africa Classics in Johannesburg, South Africa, and holds the position of National Director for the Aerial Arts Performance Championships in South Africa.

With her unparalleled talent, dedication, and global influence, Gabriela Sissons continues to inspire and elevate the world of aerial silks, leaving an indelible mark on the international aerial arts community.

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