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Brit is a dynamic movement artist dedicated to empowering both the mind and body through her innovative approach to aerial coaching. With a rich background spanning 19 years in classical ballet and contemporary dance, she embarked on a rebellious journey in 2006, trading her pointe shoes for circus props and igniting a passionate love affair with aerial arts.

Currently residing in Hawaii, Brit shares her expertise with students locally and worldwide, crafting virtual aerial hoop workshops and eagerly traveling to offer her coaching services. Continuously evolving as both a coach and a student, she seeks out diverse mentors across the globe to refine her craft. Brit's coaching philosophy centers on delving deep into the intricacies of individual movement, while as an artist, she constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity and possibility.

Beyond her dedication to artistic development, Brit is committed to ensuring longevity in her chosen art form, actively pursuing knowledge and personal growth. She enthusiastically contributes to The Parish, a virtual hub for aerialists of all levels and disciplines, founded by Circus Mobility. With Brit, expect a transformative journey where movement, creativity, and personal growth intertwine to create magic in the air.

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