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Born to Fly Aerial Teacher Trainings and Support is a comprehensive program that offers both live and online professional development opportunities. We understand that aerial teaching is an art form in itself, and our mission is to equip teachers with the technical, safety, and creative skills necessary to foster success among aerial students.

In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, our program has undergone significant adaptations. Presently, we primarily conduct training on a per-request basis, offering personalized 1-on-1 sessions over Zoom spread across several months. This approach has proven highly effective in promoting skill acquisition and retention, and we are thrilled to continue providing this top-tier training upon request.

Additionally, we are reintroducing live trainings, which will take place annually in Castle Rock, Colorado. These live sessions present an excellent opportunity for group training, allowing participants to reinforce key concepts across various apparatuses and skill levels in a collaborative setting. We are excited to offer both formats of training to meet the diverse needs of our community of aerial educators.

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