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Alec Stoddard is a dynamic performance artist whose explorations traverse themes of identity construction, bodily autonomy, and queer resilience through the medium of the spectacular body. Employing a sensation-based approach with looped chains, Alec views circus as a vehicle for physical introspection and the acrobatic body as a conduit for euphoria-driven exploration.

With a multifaceted background spanning from concert bassoonist to fetish artist, Alec transitioned into aerial artistry in 2013, seamlessly bridging the realms of underground culture and contemporary fine art. Originally hailing from Orlando, Florida, Alec honed their skills as a hammock soloist and ensemble member with Suspended Artistry, while also serving as a coach at Orlando Aerial Arts. The move to Los Angeles marked a pivotal juncture in Alec's artistic journey, allowing for a deeper immersion into the realm of aerial chains.

As the resident "chain goblin" at The Aerial House in Los Angeles, Alec has become a prominent figure in the aerial community, sharing their passion for chains at renowned festivals such as the Irish Aerial Dance Fest and the Summer Circus Festival. Their teaching approach eschews traditional syllabus-based learning in favor of a more intuitive, sensation-driven method, empowering students to tap into their unique aerial backgrounds and unlock the boundless potential of this captivating apparatus.

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