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Nicola's aerial journey began over a decade ago, and for the past seven years, she has been sharing her passion as an instructor in Vienna. Her love for the artistic side of aerial arts shines through in her fluid choreographies and innovative transitions, sparking the imagination of her students.

With a background in physiotherapy, Nicola understands the importance of maintaining proper technique and harnessing the power of breath in aerial practice. She brings this expertise to her teaching, ensuring her students not only excel in their skills but also prioritize their physical well-being.

Currently, Nicola is on a journey around the world, coaching students online and serving as a guest trainer in local studios. Her workshops cover a wide range of topics, from Creative Choreo Speed Track to Twisty Low Ceiling Flow, Fabric Brain Advanced Flow, The Key to Hip-Key, Core Fundamentals, Spinning Technique, and more. Each workshop offers a unique and enriching learning experience, showcasing Nicola's dedication to providing diverse opportunities for growth and exploration in the aerial arts.

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