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The microcosm, or the inner realm (so Below), mirrors the macrocosm, or the external world (as Above)—the movements we craft in the air reflect our inner work. The spiritual realm intertwines with the physical, highlighting the unity and interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

Join us in training and play, both in the air and on the ground, to find balance and freedom. Let us ground ourselves while reaching new heights, nurturing our souls in this immersive journey into the art of aerial dance, where creativity flourishes and spirits soar.


Participants do not need prior aerial experience, although familiarity with aerial yoga or other apparatuses can be beneficial. There will be opportunities for additional training on aerial equipment or leisure time as desired. Each day, participants can engage with the hammock, dance trapeze, or silks for play, dance, or focused training.

You have the flexibility to choose one or multiple apparatuses for your exploration.

The aerial apparatus serves as a canvas for self-discovery and authenticity, enabling movement and dance rooted in connection with oneself and others.

What better setting than Thailand to delve into this concept! A place where Buddhist philosophy permeates the culture, fostering an ideal environment for exploration and growth.

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