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Rachel Belling embodies the essence of a dynamic, multidisciplinary movement artist, weaving together diverse styles to narrate compelling stories and forge connections with her audience. Her eclectic training encompasses technical and street dance genres, contortion, partner work, and aerial arts, with a particular focus on fluid movements around the aerial hoop. Yet, at the heart of it all, Rachel's passion lies in the joy of rolling on the floor and exploring the unconventional in the air.

With a flair for innovation, Rachel thrives in creating on unconventional apparatus, experimenting with duo trapeze, acrobatics, and reveling in the art of spinning. A lifelong learner, she continuously seeks to broaden her artistic horizons and delve deeper into the realm of movement exploration. Rachel is a seasoned collaborator, driven by the process of creation, and currently delves into the realms of sustainable circus while leveraging art as a catalyst for social change.

Residing in the enchanting Pacific Northwest, Rachel's love affair with the region ignited at the sight of her first roadside waterfall. Always eager for adventure, she explores the wonders of nature alongside her wife and faithful pup. And for those lucky enough to cross her path, Rachel delights in sharing her culinary creations, baking treats for anyone willing to indulge.

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