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In Paper Doll Militia's Level 2 trainings, we expand upon the foundation established in Level 1, delving deeper into theory and introducing advanced sequencing techniques. This training elevates your teaching proficiency by exploring more intricate concepts and offering hands-on experience through mock instruction exercises, allowing you to hone your skills to a finer point.

The Paper Doll Militia Remote Teacher Training is a comprehensive online course brimming with indispensable knowledge, proven techniques, and thorough insights into the art of teaching aerial arts. Tailored for both aspiring and seasoned instructors, this program aims to enrich understanding of aerial arts and nurture each instructor's distinctive teaching style.

With over 15 years of teaching experience across the globe, Paper Doll Militia stands as industry leaders, infusing their vast expertise and innovative approach into this meticulously crafted curriculum.

Accessible to students worldwide, our Remote Teacher Training accommodates diverse learning environments, whether at your local studio or from the comfort of your approved home rigging. Our flexible learning format combines independent study, group instruction, and personalized feedback to support your growth as an instructor.

Delivered through the user-friendly Thinkific platform, all course materials, including over 200 recorded reference videos, are easily accessible, providing lifelong learning opportunities for continuous development in your teaching journey.

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