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Meet Nadia, a remarkable self-taught aerialist who has been imparting her expertise to aerialists of all ages for over 11 years. With a wealth of experience garnered from her extensive travels to workshops around the globe, Nadia has refined her craft through immersive study with esteemed instructors from diverse corners of the world, spanning India, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Hailing from Italy, Nadia, affectionately known as 'the pocket rocket' due to her petite frame and formidable strength, brings a boundless reservoir of knowledge to every class.

In the morning sessions, Nadia delves into the intricacies of technique, offering personalized attention to refine individual skills and elucidate crucial nuances. Ground-based drills enhance aerial movement, while tailored tips empower you to leverage your strengths and address weaknesses effectively. Together, we'll embark on a journey to strengthen your practice, elevate your flow, and seamlessly transition between sequences. Join us as Nadia empowers you to soar to new heights with confidence and finesse!

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