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Jessica is a decorated aerial artist of international acclaim. Her expertise extends across national and global stages, where she shines as an artist, coach, and Aerial Teacher Trainer, notably collaborating with the esteemed aerial theatre company, Paper Doll Militia. Her mastery of movement resonates with a captivating elegance, characterized by seamless precision and a signature style praised by audiences for its timeless, fervent, and flawless essence.

As a lifelong athlete, Jessica embarked on her aerial acrobatics journey in 2010, under the tutelage of esteemed movement artists worldwide. Since then, she has evolved into a visionary composer, renowned for her innovation and deliberate approach.

Specializing in vertical aerial apparatus and intricate choreography, Jessica is revered for her highly effective coaching methods. She advocates for movement efficiency with a deliberate aesthetic, a philosophy she imparts to aspiring aerialists worldwide through her extensive travels and teaching engagements.

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