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Hanne Coeckelberghs, originally from Belgium but now residing in the picturesque south of France, stumbled upon the enchanting world of circus at the tender age of ten. Even in her youth, she possessed an insatiable urge for movement, often found scaling trees or attempting handstands. Her journey into the realm of circus arts commenced at the esteemed 'Salto' youth circus school in Belgium, where she delved into a myriad of disciplines including unicycling, juggling, and acrobatics. It was here, two years into her circus odyssey, that she encountered aerial silks, igniting a fervent passion within her. Despite her academic pursuits in science and mathematics during high school, Hanne found herself irresistibly drawn to the circus, dedicating her evenings to rigorous training sessions instead of hitting the books. Driven by an unwavering determination to pursue her dreams, she knew deep down that forsaking her passion for the circus would be a decision steeped in regret.

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