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In 2019, the creative minds behind Explore Aerial Retreat, Sarah and Shaina, forged a powerful partnership. Living just a stone's throw away from each other in Northeast Portland, they became aerial training companions through serendipitous gig opportunities shortly before the pandemic struck. The lockdown of 2020 served as a catalyst for their burgeoning friendship, as they bonded over their shared passion for aerial arts, indulging in training sessions, crafting duo routines, and savoring cheat day treats in the vibrant Alberta Arts District while practicing Spanish.

United by their kindred spirits and fueled by a shared vision, Sarah and Shaina envisioned not only sharing their cherished aerial practice but also spreading its magic to far-flung corners of the globe. With a preference for sun-drenched, seaside locales to counter the Pacific Northwest's winter blues, they launched their inaugural Explore Aerial Retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica, in the winter of 2023. Together, they believe this retreat embodies their adventurous, inquisitive, and artistic approach to life, travel, and their aerial careers.

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