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After graduating from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France in 2008 and the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovenia in 2005, my journey into the world of circus arts, performances, shows, and pedagogy commenced in earnest.

Since 2003, I've been actively involved in various aspects of circus arts, collaborating with collectives, choreographers, and artists across Europe.

I organize and lead workshops both locally in Slovenia and internationally, including regular online courses. As a certified teacher in Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Face Yoga, I conduct classes spanning aerial yoga, face yoga, micromovement yoga, as well as programs focusing on aerial silks, aerial workout, flexibility, mobility, balance, and strength.

Beyond my pedagogical pursuits, I also thrive as a performer and choreographer, engaging in diverse projects and crafting my own shows in collaboration with fellow artists, championing new and experimental dimensions of circus arts.

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