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Welcome to CirqueTrainCation, a training immersion tailored for circus artists driven by a passion for growth and excellence across various disciplines. Our intensive program is designed for those seeking to elevate their artistry and refine their techniques.

Immerse yourself in daily training sessions, dedicating numerous hours to honing your skills while savoring excursions and immersing yourself in Costa Rica's stunning tropical landscape.

Who is CirqueTrainCation for?

- If you're seeking renewed motivation and inspiration
- If you aim to refine a specific act or skillset
- If you're eager to enhance your strength and flexibility
- If you value networking and connecting with fellow circus artists
- If you're excited about learning from experienced facilitators and peers
- If you crave the tranquility of nature's embrace
- If you relish in indulging in farm-to-table cuisine and unlimited elixirs
- If you desire a vacation experience intertwined with training and learning opportunities

If these resonate with you, then CirqueTrainCation is unequivocally the perfect fit for you!

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