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From a young age, Brittany's zest for movement was evident. She thrived in competitive environments, excelling on a nationally acclaimed rowing team, coaching swim teams, and actively participating in various outdoor adventure activities like climbing, mountaineering, rappelling, and kayaking. Her passion for utilizing adventure to unlock human potential ignited early in life.

Her fascination with aerial fabric began with just one touch, igniting a profound interest. Brittany delved into classes, training rigorously, and eventually sharing her expertise by teaching across various platforms. She firmly believes in the inherent gifts within everyone and delights in imparting her love for aerial fabric to all who are willing to explore its possibilities. Drawing from her background as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Brittany seamlessly integrates her understanding of the body with her aerial pursuits, empowering others to recognize their strengths both internally and externally.

Brittany's extensive qualifications include completing aerial teacher training with NECCA, alongside rigging and rope course training with esteemed institutions like Outward Bound and Delbert Hall. She holds certifications from the Circus Arts Institute and Reflex Arts as an aerial silks and aerial yoga instructor, as well as being a certified Cirque-it Fitness instructor. Since 2017, Brittany has been the driving force behind Elevated Aerials, Cincinnati's premier aerial-focused studio.

- Owner of Elevated Aerials, Cincinnati's sole aerial-focused studio since 2017.
- Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor.
- Certified Aerial Fabric Instructor.
- Certified Cirque-It Fitness Instructor.

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