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Andrea Fors, also known as 'Dre', discovered her passion for aerial dance in 1998 while studying at the University of Georgia. Under the mentorship of Susan Murphy, a pioneer in dance trapeze, Andrea found a profound connection between physical strength and artistic expression.

Her journey led her to co-found Canopy Studio, one of the first dedicated aerial dance studios in the U.S., where she trained extensively on silks, duo trap, lyra, and harness with Elsie and Serenity Smith, renowned for their Cirque du Soleil background.

In 2006, Andrea returned to Atlanta to help launch the D’AIR Project with Nicole Mermans, focusing on teen-centered aerial dance and fostering the growth of aerial fitness and yoga classes. Together, they co-directed D’AIR’s professional Aerial Dance Theatre Company from 2007 to 2013, gaining acclaim across Atlanta and beyond.

Beyond her studio work, Andrea founded Aethereal Productions, performing at corporate events, fundraisers, and international venues. Her journey into wellness was catalyzed by personal health challenges, which she overcame with yoga and holistic healing practices, inspiring her to help others through movement, energy work, and lifestyle choices.

Driven by a calling to Maui, Andrea established Uplift Maui with a mission to connect individuals to themselves and their community through aerial arts and holistic wellness. The studio's ethos, "we rise by lifting others" by Robert Ingersoll, reflects Andrea’s dedication to uplifting others in myriad ways—physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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