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Alicia Calderwood, the visionary behind our studio, has always been driven by her love for movement, performance, and mental well-being. In 2013, she embarked on a New Year's resolution to embrace a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. This journey led her to discover yoga and aerial arts, igniting a passion that she pursued with fervor. Alicia's innate entrepreneurial spirit guided her to redirect her educational focus towards attending teacher trainings to deepen her expertise in both aerial and yoga practices.

She holds a RYT 200 certification from InnerLight Yoga School and is currently pursuing her RYT 500, inclusive of mental health teacher certification. Alicia obtained her aerial certifications under the guidance of Jill Franklin of Aerial Physique, and she further honed her skills through mentorship with Patty Geiger in aerial, yoga, and business management. As a certified yoga and aerial instructor, Alicia has shared her expertise through teaching and performing across North Carolina, specializing in aerial sling, silks, lyra, yoga, flexibility, and hand balancing.

With a keen understanding of alignment, injury prevention, functional movement, and innovative choreography, Alicia's teaching reflects years of dedicated training and experience. In 2019, a transformative trip to Costa Rica prompted Alicia to reassess her teaching purpose. Feeling disconnected from existing studio environments and inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of Costa Rica, she decided to establish her own sanctuary, leading to the birth of Pura Vida Studio in January 2019.

Alicia's mission at Pura Vida Studio is to cultivate a nurturing space for individuals of all ages, centered around movement, mental well-being, and community. Her studio embodies her passion for guiding students towards a deeper connection with their bodies, empowering them to explore their full potential. Alicia's dedication and innovation have been recognized through numerous accolades, including multiple awards from Cary Magazine, such as Best Summer Camp, Best New Business, and Best Yoga Studio. In 2021, she was honored with the Movers and Shakers award for her influential entrepreneurship.

In her 14 years of movement practice, Alicia has produced and choreographed numerous shows, and she co-founded and directs the Carolina Circus Festival. Alicia welcomes students of all levels to join her for private lessons or group classes, offering personalized guidance and support on their journey towards self-discovery and physical mastery.

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