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Aerial Azur, co-founded by Hanne Coeckelberghs and Giani Giordano, specializes in organizing aerial retreats across the globe, with their headquarters situated in Valencia, Spain.

Their mission is to empower individuals in mastering the art of silks while enjoying unforgettable holidays in picturesque destinations worldwide.

Hanne Coeckelberghs boasts over 14 years of expertise in aerial silks, having graduated from a prestigious four-year professional circus school. Throughout her career, she has honed her distinctive style characterized by breathtaking dynamics and a commanding stage presence. Following her graduation, she has conducted workshops and mesmerizing performances across the globe.

Giani Giordano, a talented singer and composer, ventured into the circus realm before crossing paths with Hanne during the creation of a Cirque Starlight show in 2020. Since then, he has trained under Hanne's guidance, leveraging his strong foundation in dynamics to assist her in workshops.

Established in Antibes, France, in 2020, Aerial Azur has orchestrated retreats in enchanting locales such as France, Corsica, Mexico, Thailand, and Spain.

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