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Brittany Naegel, the visionary behind Elevated Aerials, and Alicia Calderwood, the soul behind Pura Vida Studio, have joined forces to curate an unforgettable experience: a 6-day / 5-night retreat nestled in the breathtaking setting of Fly Karavek, tucked amidst the Northern Thai mountains!

Embark on a journey of tranquility and rejuvenation with us as we immerse ourselves in the essence of "Jai Yen" - a Thai term embodying a heart of serenity, composure, and patience.

Indulge in a week filled with yoga sessions and aerial fabric adventures, basking under the sun by the serene saltwater infinity pool, forging connections with both new human companions and gentle elephant acquaintances, and embarking on enriching visits to some of the region's most mesmerizing temples.

For enthusiasts of yoga and aerial fabric, we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to this blissful sanctuary, a true haven on Earth.

Apparatuses Taught
Extra Focuses

To join this retreat, participants should meet the following prerequisites:

- Possess a minimum of 6 months of dedicated practice in aerial fabric.
- Demonstrate the ability to sustain both bent arm and/or straight arm holds for at least 20 seconds.
- Capably mount a sling at chest height by pulling over to the hips, with the option of using a foot tag for assistance.

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